Line of sight – Liverpool 03.08 – Feedback

Hi Kaspar,

Yesterday you asked me to take part in your Line of Sight project in Liverpool so as promised here’s some feedback on my part.

At first I felt a bit daft, especially seeing as we were standing at the entrance to a small car park and a worker came over and asked us if we needed any help, but when we’d sorted all that out, it got a bit easier. I was standing on the corner of Seel and Concert Streets, looking towards Fleet Street and my ‘mirror’ was staring back at me.

After the first minute or so when I’d gotten over my initial awkwardness I did get a bit transfixed on the person staring back at me. The city got a lot quieter and the cars driving close by down the street and those avoiding me coming out of the car park didn’t bother me, (which was a nice feeling because usually I’m very ‘road conscious’!) and there was a feeling of safety in knowing that someone was staring back at me.

Thinking about the big idea of the project also made me feel safer, knowing there were a whole string of strangers winding there way through the back streets connected by a simple line of sight, I wished the buildings would disappear so you could see each other, but I suppose that defeats the point of the project and it would only confirm what I already knew anyway.

Most people walking by seemed to look at me at some point, but no-one seemed to be much bothered. The balloons were a good idea as they helped to focus my focus, but my partner couldn’t see his ‘mirror’ so I think maybe the experience was lost on him a tad. There was a truck parked on the road where my partner was looking so there may have been someone trying to look back at him but he couldn’t see them!

Overall it was a calming experience, which made me feel quite ‘powerful’ and ‘in control’ I suppose it was the network of other people connected to me. It was enjoyable, a little different and made me smile to be part of a little bit of art in the city.

Thanks for asking me,

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