Get Lost Festival – 06.08 Manchester – Round-Up

Foto: Kaspar Wimberley (Found at a site inhabited by dragons)

An exhibition of Here be dragons specific to Manchester was collated and exhibited at the Nexus Art Cafe on Dale Street. Due to a burglary I wasn’t able to track down as much evidence for dragons as I had hoped, but some of the creatures, signs and objects I found will be placed online in the near future.

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Urban Camping didn’t take place in Manchester, at least not as intended. A short note explaining some of the reasons for this can be found here. This experience and issues surrounding the freedom of public space will certainly inform the development of our future work. One could argue that the intervention still took place, only more on a political/policy level as opposed to a public/participatory level (strange to feel that there is a difference, but you know what I mean).

While in Manchester I also encouraged a lot of people to simply spend a couple of minutes looking up at the sky, joined a number of other festival events, got up to a bit of anonymous mischief and helped lead the doomed European kickball challenge.

For more information about the various projects and activities during the Get Lost festival in Manchester, browse the Loiterers Resistance Movement and the Territories Reimagined blog-sites.

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