Homezone – Erlangen 06.08

Photo: Kaspar (Inviting people into the ‘festival homezone’ with a good cup of tea)

Homezone, an area defined by mobile telephone networks and based on my residential address.

For the ARENA Festival in Erlangen I agreed to document and interact with the ‘Festival Homezone‘. For three days I invited people entering our Homezone to a nice cup of tea, mapped out an interlocking network of resident’s Homezones, conducted interviews on the streets, and led a group expedition around the perimeters of this virtual boundary.

Mapping / Street Interaction / Interviews

Artists: Nina Malotta, Kaspar Wimberley

Our interactions took place with people who we found inside or entering the Festival Homezone.

Day 1/2

We wheeled a very large map of Erlangen around the main pedestrian high street, asking people if they would like to use our conveniently sized kitchen plate to mark out their personal O2 Homezone on the map, based on their living address. A large number of people were initially sceptical at the mention of O2, which was comforting.

We then interviewed those who took part. How do they react to this fixed-size circular homezone? How big was their ‘homezone’? Do they feel like a guest or a host walking through the city? The interviews represented a form of emotional-mapping, perhaps in contrast to the more structured Homezone map we were simultaneously creating (although the resulting image might provoke an emotional response). Discussing emotional or conceptual issues surrounding home and belonging were often more fluid or difficult to define than an O2 Homezone, but not always.

As a pattern of circles began to emerge on our larger map of Erlangen, we also began to consider the map of those who would not be mapped. Our map was a map of those willing to talk to us as much as anything else. Who was stopping to talk to us? What correlations or demographics were being revealed?

This project has grown from a scenographic image of interlocking and overlapping homezones, a mass of circular territories through which we travel, a journey in which we are entering a new homezone with every step we take.

It is therefore not surprising that in Erlangen the project has become increasingly linked to the idea of guest and host, within public space as opposed to within the confines of our ‘private’ living environments. When/where do we feel like a guest and when/where do we feel like a host? What expectations do we have from the role of a guest or a host?

ARENA Festival – Rubbing a circle of scent – Documentation/Report
ARENA Festival – Rubbing a circle of scent – Review
Homezone – Full project description

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