Homezone – Erlangen 06.08 – Review

An article about a Homezone event, written by Alina Bongk and Linda Vogt, and translated by Nora Vogt, for the independant ARENA Festival magazine.

,,02 can do!”

Kaspar has invited us to his homezone. We meet at three o’clock in the afternoon and are asked to take a seat. The table is full of oranges, lemon, ginger, garlic, vinegar, nutmeg … O.K, it’s obviously going to be about scent, but what has this got to do with Kaspar’s homezone? We wait for an explanation.

Kaspar wants to explore the spaces that are defined by mobile telephone networks. O2 ‚homezones’. He came to Erlangen to explore these invisible borders, taking the Markgrafen Theatre as the centre-point for the ARENA Festival Homezone (for further information about the exact extension of these zones just check the O2 homepage).

A recent experience seems to have influenced the project. After the European Championship semi-final he had to witness the city-centre of Erlangen being transformed into a huge public toilet. So he declared that drawing territorial lines based on scent would be the basic principle of this event.

Now it’s time to act: Four groups are formed. Each group is given a map, on which is drawn a circle, indicating the borders of the festival homezone. Each group is allocated a quarter of this circular route, along which they are asked to create a border using the different materials. This is basically the only instruction – what matters is the individual exploration of this newly defined space; What differences do the group perceive between the inside and the outside of their home zone? What thoughts are going through our minds as we draw the line, claiming territory and by doing so making the home zone our personal property?

Two hours later we meet again, full of new experiences and impressions. Senses have been sharpened and the issue of boundaries in public space have been considered. People we met on our journey were asked to spontaneously take a family portrait with us – after all they were at “our place”. Are there private places within the public realm? How would this influence an individual’s behaviour?

The project can be seen as a product of our time: 02’s conception of home zones redefines space and border in a new way, by using modern technologies. Place is constructed by invisible barriers. The difference between public and private space is no longer perceptible.

Kaspar takes interest in public spaces, encounters between people and the interactions between the individual and space. In Stuttgart Kaspar walks around his original homezone, talking to people and observing his environment. When doing so he does not define himself as a performer, but as an artist initiating interaction. Jury member Serge Boulier uses a metaphor to describe Kaspar’s work: The participants are Kaspar’s brush, and the city is his canvas.

Indeed, something has been created today. We observed, interacted and left traces. An amazing experience.

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