Online kickball

Frank Kickball Jesus‘s kickball (stolen)

During a gloriously damp Mancunian afternoon I had the honour of playing American ‘kickball’ for the first time. The European contingent of psychogeographers scored a surprise victory in the first round, only to be walloped in the second (were they teasing with us?). Now we are staging a fightback by going virtual (very hard to catch). So far I’ve scored two home runs and they still don’t seem to get the rules, which is good.

You can join too if you want. Steal a ball from me and send it over the Atlantic. You have to run around three bases, before they send the ball back at you, to score a home run. Define ‘bases’ however you want. I’ve scored one using other people’s e-mail addresses and one using geographical locations of military significance. Let me know if you get another run. We’ll probably just end up losing lots of virtual yellow balls.

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