Taking a story for a walk

Writing a story into the city, 23.07.08, Stuttgart

I bought ‘The Invisible Cities’ by Italo Calvinho and set off from just outside the bookshop, in front of the art museum in Stuttgart. I wanted to write all of these short stories into the city, and made it as far as the 8th chapter. Perhaps the most interesting encounter came when somebody told me that my actions were legal, as long as the city officially recognised them as art.

The event was enacted in parallel with Kinga Araya who was similtaneously walking the Berlin Wall.

1 book, 7 cities, 8 chapters, 21 pages
5 kilos of chalk in my backpack and a camera
9 and 1/2 hours of writing
(interspersed by a variety of very welcome conversations)
Between 1km and 2 km of text
1 pizza
1 ginger beer
2 beautiful portraits
20 Euros stuffed in my pocket
1 heart cut from a dress
39 types of concrete
147 pieces of chalk worn down
4 young illustrators in the park
At least 40 conversations, 2 of which are not friendly
Well wishers, paparazzi, mockers, readers, wanderers, watchers
Give one packet of chalk to a family
Come back with about 3.15 kilos of chalk
and 170 pages remaining
2 numb feet

A detailed report regarding some of the specific encounters and experiences I made will be posted here after I’ve recovered!

A few extra images

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