Here be dragons in Manchester

Here be dragons is a journey to the holes and cracks that quietly form along the folds of a well used map, escaping into spaces that in this particular context have ceased to exist, and documenting the permanence and impermanence that can be found there. If we consider the number of maps in circulation we can assume that these expanding holes can be found in various sizes at almost every location..

While I was in Manchester I explored three ‘holes’ and collected evidence from the dragons that lived there, which was then exhibited at the Nexus Art Cafe on Dale Street.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

A collection of dragons found in Manchester during the Territories Reimagined Symposium and the Get Lost Festival. If the dragons either disappear or fail to appear, try refreshing your browser.

The holes

MAP1 : K5

A residential area. One side of the road is being newly developed, replacing the wasteland that had once inhabited the space. One building has been converted into a mosque. A bombed out church, cemetery and a children’s hospital stand at the edge of the absent territory.

A large number of hooded, veiled or shy dragons preferred not to have their photos taken. Many dragons were dressed to impress, on their return from the Sunday service. One mechanical dragon was sleeping. A dusty birdhouse was picked out of a skip.

MAP1: K16

A residential red-brick area. The crack in the map happens to touch on the house in which I am staying here in Manchester. They have been burgled four times.

All of the resident dragons were happy to have their photos taken.

I spent a little time letting the imagination wander, and the trees started to erupt like jets of fire from out of the ground. Doorbells sang songs when nobody was there and horsed policemen (knights?) patrolled the mapped out borders.

MAP1: K11

A travel hub occupied by temporary and less inquisitive dragons.

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