Homezone – “unless you are an astronaut”

The following list/text has been assembled from interviews held along the borders of my Homezone in Stuttgart, and with pedestrians found within the Arena Festival Homezone in Erlangen. They all relate to how people feel about having guests, and the (sometimes unspoken) expectations or ‘house rules’ that we believe they should follow.

They would like you to leave by 10 o’clock
If you have children they might ask you if you have public liability insurance
They want to show you the pearls
They know that you are coming with high expectations
It’s an open house
They believe strangers are friends you don’t know
They are not a hotel
They expect you to feel at home
They don’t have any expectations, they are just happy that you are there
They will treat you like queens
They couldn’t do this all the time, that would be too stressful
There are just the same rules that always exist
That you leave the place as you find it
That you are not too loud
That you behave like a normal person
They don’t actually like having to get everything ready for you
They hope that you will not dominate
They have thought carefully about who you might like to meet
They will try to be open and relaxed
They would like to keep a bit of distance
You shouldn’t feel at home but you should be yourself
They will make themselves feel good in order that you feel good
They will try to show you that they’re happy that you are there
They rarely have guests
They hope you can keep the conversation going
They hope that you feel good, and expect you to return the compliment
They will be assessing your sex, social standing and age
They will not invest a lot of time building friendships, unless you are an astronaut

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