Another (ongoing) task for the ‘do you know club’

Kinga Araya was busy walking the Berlin Wall and I was keeping her company in Stuttgart as a virtual walker. On one day I agreed that if she met anybody who knew somebody in Stuttgart, I would go and get to know them. A long distance SMS version of the do you know club.

I soon received my first task, to find a lady by the name of Xenia, a long lost friend of somebody Kinga had met in Berlin. My only clue was ‘Wand5’. Eventually I discovered a film production company of the same name but unfortunately Xenia was no longer working there, she has been dis/re-placed by somebody else.

This is her former desk. A lady had changed the room around after Xenia left. I recorded her describing how and why she changed the furniture to the way it is today. Only one person knew Xenia and she didn’t want to share any impressions. They gave me her telephone number.

A short interview with the new team will be posted here soon.

I called Xenia who called me back. She is now living in Berlin and doesn’t want to come back to Stuttgart in a hurry, not even for a short visit. At Wand5 she was involved in film distribution and film festivals.

I’ll try and visit her next time I am in Berlin.

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