Stuttgarter Tanznacht 2009 – Schlaflabor

schlaflabor 1
Image: Kaspar Wimberley (A bed dedicated to DJ Winson)

Thanks to everybody for your kind and thoughtful comments regarding our recent installation Schlaflabor. Details regarding the event, alongside a collection of these comments, a few images and a short evaluation will be posted here in the near future.

A special thanks goes to the nightshift workers, DJ Winson, Andreas Lorenzen (Fireman), Achim Staudenmaier (Policeman), Ahmet Ögretmen (Kebab seller), Holger Heinz (Hotelier), Herr Sacher (Nightwatch), Ralph Schuster (Paramedic), Sascha Öztürk (Courier), Herr Baumgartner (Cinema film courier), the taxi driver with the numberplate S-GA-766  and the Abfall Wirtschaft Stuttgart (Street cleaning department).

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