Film: Kaspar Wimberley (Fish-head makes a getaway)

“The ‚fine English behaviour’ it is not, what these three ladies tell about one another.”
(Stuttgarter Zeitung, 26.05.2008)

In May 2008 we provided scenographic and dramaturgical support to Backsteinhaus with their new production zwischen häuten. We are now looking towards taking the show on tour.


About the performance

A group of individuals come together.

The protagonists move within an area of tension, between ambivalence and escalation, from playing with the rules to extreme confrontation.

A humorous bittersweet drama, that lets reality submerge into the surreal.

The Choreographer Nicki Liszta examines the formation of relationships in an observed situation. Where are the boarders of the bearable? Whether as performers pretending, or reality performing, the content revolves around the social interaction between the protagonists, and the everyday dramas that enfold.

“zwischen häuten” is a piece of dance theatre, which satirically looks at these everyday dramas. An alternative soap-opera, exaggerated, light-hearted and affectionate; poking fun at an over-dramatic reality and a multi-coloured bunch named relationship.

A voyeuristic view into a flat shared by three women. The meal is prepared, but the guest doesn’t turn up for dinner.

Duration of the piece: 60 minutes.



“An evening full of surreal humour, with beautifully obscure ideas performed with considerable phisicality. More bare-faced, more original and just a lot ´pinabauschiger´ than the rest of the dance scene in Stuttgart”

“The performance constantly plays with your expectations, repeatedly piling one surprise on top of another.”

(Angela Reinhardt, Eßlinger Zeitung/, 26.05.2008)

„Complex and detailed ideas with cleverly weighted humour, exquisitely fresh and absorbing”

(Patricia Fleischmann, Stuttgarter Zeitung, 26.05.2008)



A slideshow of images

A film will be posted here in the near future


The team


„zwischen häuten“ is a piece of dance theater by Nicki Liszta (b.1980). The young choreographer studied dance-theatre at the Tilburg Dance Academy in the Netherlands, completing her diploma in the summer of 2006. She has since been working as a dancer and choreographer based in Germany, an emerging voice within the European dance scene.

Nicki Liszta´s work is based on research that focuses on human interaction, and how people react to special circumstances. Her choreography takes a humorous look at social structures, without pointing a finger at them. She likes to play with expectations and experiment with different forms of choreographic expression.

Recent work includes Stereotyp, a solo peformance for the Frei-Raum Festival in Ludwigsburg and Fish End at the Junge Talent Festival in Esslingen. Site specific practice includes Turbulenzen, a solo dance performance taking place at the airport in Stuttgart, the performance Disappear taking place within a living room, and Can I fly, a dance theatre performance created for a metal workshop.

Nicki works together with Natascha Moschini as Backsteinhaus, specialising in experimental choreography and performance. Recent productions include the improvisational works Movements and Bewegte Bilder, the dance theatre performance Dagegen und/oder Dazwischen at the Tanz und Theater Werkstatt Ludwigsburg, and the performance installation aus´m nichts!


Kaspar Wimberley (b.1980) works as a freelance scenographer, performance artist and artistic director of Treacle Theatre. He has tutored Scenography at the University of Wales in Aberystwyth and teaches stage design, lighting design and performance for a variety of organisations in England and Germany. .
Production support

Natascha Moschini studied dance theatre at the Fontys Dance Academy of Tilburg (Netherlands). She now works as a performance artist (her work including the ongoing project ‘solo’), while teaching comtemporary dance and hip hop at the Tanz und Theater Werstatt Ludwigsburg. She is currently taking an MA in performance studies at the university in Hamburg.

The Dancers:

Ineke Wolters (b.1984) studied dance theatre at the Fontys Dance Academy of Tilburg (Netherlands) and the Duncan Centre in Prague. As a professional dancer she has worked with a variety of different theatre companies in the Netherlands, including Drie Ons and Het Vervolg. She has danced for the choreographers Uri Ivgy, Eddy Becquart, Jack Gallagher and Ives Thuwis. In 2007 she founded her own improvisation company Impromuda, a collaboration between professional musicians and dancers.

Isabelle Grf. Gatterburg (b.1984) studied modern dance at the Fontys Dance Academy of Tilburg (Netherlands). She has taken classes at the Escola Superior de Danca in Lisbon, at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona, and various schools in New York. She currently lives in Brussels, working on the performance project P´shono di danca.

Dimitra Kolokouri (b.1984) studied modern dance at the State school of Dance in Athens and the Fontys Dance Academy of Tilburg (Netherlands). She has been working for the past three years as a dance tutor, while dancing with various international companies in Israel, Greece, Germany and the Netherlands.

The Musicians (The Flohmarkttrio):

Georg Bomhard has studied double bass at the Staatlichen Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Stuttgart with Prof. Mini Schulz since 2004. He is a member of various bands including the Flohmarkttrio.

Heiko Giering plays alt, tenor and baritone saxophone. He is member of the Jugend-Saxophon-Quartett Calvin, the Fürther Streichhölzern, the Superskank, the Flohmarkttrio, Nachschlag and Die Family.

Thorge Pries has studied drums and percussion at the Staatlichen Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Stuttgart. He currently teaches percussion, while playing in a variety of orchestras, including the Ska band Rogue Steady Orchestra and the Flohmarkttrio.


‘between skins’ is now available for tour. Please let us know if you would like a copy of the DVD, along with a list of technical requirements and prices.

For more information about the performance in German please visit


‘between skins’ was funded by the Stadt Stuttgart, the Landesverband freier Theater Baden-Württemberg, the Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst and the Landesbank Baden-Württemberg.

Additional support from Atelier Roseweiss, Burkert & Miller GmbH, Silke Kabisch, Bea Kießlinger and the Staatstheater Stuttgart


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