Image: My current O2 ‘Homezone’

Artist: Kaspar Wimberley
Interactive Documentation / Performance Lecture

A walk around the perimeters of my ‘Homezone’, an area in which I can make cheaper telephone calls, defined by mobile telephone networks and based on my residential address. On the course of this journey I will be documenting what lies directly outside and inside my Homezone, the familiarities and the foreign.

I have been collecting objects, thoughts and images from the people and the places that are encroaching into my territory or sitting on my doorstep, piecing together a (potentially irrational) narrative that documents this journey and the way in which we perceive our neighbouring environments; The experience of site as a site of perception.

At times I have been letting the site interfere and inform my own perceptions, at other times I have interfered with the site, initiating a series of interactive interventions along this invisible boundary. I have asked pedestrians entering my Homezone if they would like a cup of tea, to take their shoes off or brush their feet on a doormat, I have physically marked out the perimeters of my territory onto the streets and through public spaces using chalk or a variety of scents.

This narrative or scrapbook of evidence is then performed (or presented).

ARENA Festival – Rubbing a circle of scent – Documentation/Report
ARENA Festival – Documentation/Report
ARENA Festival – Rubbing a circle of scent – Review
Stuttgart – Einbürgerungstest – Documentation
Hidden Cities Symposium in Plymouth – Invitation
Stuttgart – A collection of guests and hosts and people who aren’t sure
Stuttgart – Circular observations
Homezone – “unless you are an astronaut” – Texts in development

To map your O2 Homezone in Germany go to this website and type in your address. Given that the majority of addresses have access to this service we can deduct that we are living within and passing through a multitude of homezones, overlapping and encircling one another.


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