Tag der offenen Tür

An interactive performance installation
July 2005, Dyckburg Forest, Münster, Germany

Dyckburg Forest is enjoyed by locals as a favourite spot for walking, jogging, playing and taking a break. In one area of this wood children have collected fallen branches and built a number of wooden structures that resemble small shelters or tipis.

For three weeks Treacle Theatre Company collaborated with the homeless magazine Draussen and the theatre collective Lorati Loratna, to create a series of interventions based on the concept of ‘Home’ that would temporarily occupy these structures.

We explored what the concept of home might mean to us, how we might create or recreate home and what different methods we might use to share these thoughts with our audience. Following initial discussions we began developing our ideas individually and as a group, using performance techniques and on-site experimentation, adapted according to the various choices of presentation. On the 30th and 31st of July we presented our final installation in the forest.

Our audience was invited into eight highly individual responses, shared through the use of puppetry, live music, poetry, painting, the collection of herbs, the serving of tea, a journey and a typewriter.


Conny and Nick: Dream Home, Day 1
Sabine: Memory mixing, running and returning
Sigi: Finding home within
Yvonne: Home Alone, a ‘Trauermarche’
Sabrina: Warum speren sich die leute ein?
Rami: Dirty washing. Where were you?
Heinz : Home in the herbgarden
Nayer: Home with the wolf, a bedtime story
Jenny: Postal service
Rheinhild, Jelena, Ann-Kathrin, Jule: Property Agents

There was no specified order to which you should visit each ‘home’. All performances were free of charge.

Special thanks go to Rettig carpets, Herr Menker, Livia’s dad, Blumen und Dahlmann, Christine Frey, the Forestry Department and the Kulturamt Münster for supporting this project.


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