This list will rarely include ongoing project development, concentrating on public and programmed presentations of our work.

03.2012 – 04.2012
Flax Art Studios, Belfast

04.07.2011 – 09.07.2011
Workshop/Presentation exploring work and resistance
Staatstheater Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany

22.06.2011 – 03.07.2011
Intervention ‘The eleven days of creation
Festival of Regions, Attnang-Puchheim, Austria

01.06.2011 – 04.2012
A series of alternative tours through Stuttgart (Arttours)
Stuttgart, Germany

04.06.2011 – 07.06.2011
Site-specific performance
X-Apartments Mannheim, Schillertage/National Theater Mannheim, Germany

11.2010 – 04.2011
Collaborative research project ‘New light on old bones
The Rossendale Museum, Rawtenstall, UK

19.11.2010 – 20.11.2010
‘Rock auf den Knochen’
Plattenvereinigung, Berlin

The experimental theater production ‘Cold Calls
Treffpunkt Rotebühlplatz, Stuttgart, Germany

25.09.2010 – 02.10.2010
The intervention
steirischer herbst, Graz, Austria

Presentation of ‘Homezone
ISEA 2010 conference, Dortmund, Germany

07.2010 – 08.2010
Pro Artibus, Ekenäs, Finland

05.2010 – 06.2010
Community engagement
The Open Shop Project, Rawtenstall, England

15.02.2010 – 20.02.2010
Site-specific interventions
Infecting the City, Cape Town, South Africa

14.01.2010 – 24.01.2010
The delayed intervention Wish you were here
Filmwinter Festival, Stuttgart

05.12.2009 – 12.12.2009
Curators of the Stuttgart Pavilion at the Mediamatic Biennale
Mediamatic, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

24.09.2009 – 27.09.2009
Site-specific performance: X-Wohnungen Wien
Brut Wien, Vienna, Austria

15.07.2009 – 30.08.2009
Artists in residence
MOKS, centre for art and social practice, Mooste, Estonia

Interactive installation: Schlaflabor
Stuttgarter Tanznacht, Treffpunkt Rotebuhlplatz, Stuttgart, Germany

Book launch: The Heroes of Audley Range
A Mid Penine Arts Talking Shop project in Blackburn, England

09.05.2009 – 01.06.2009
Interactive experiment/Cartography: Gassi
Festival der Regionen, Auwiesen, Linz, Austria

02.2009 – 04.2009
Residency/Community engagement/Intervention: Talking Shop Audley Range
A Mid Penine Arts project in Blackburn, England

Scenography/Dramaturgy: zwischen häuten
A Backsteinhaus production
The ‘Stuttgarter Theaterpreis’, Theaterhaus, Stuttgart, Germany

28.10.2008 – 11.11.2008
Research Residency
Festival der Regionen, Auwiesen, Linz, Austria

Performance: Dancing with ten legs, Cluj Napoca, Romania

Performance: Dancing with ten legs
Interventionsraum Stuttgart, Germany

Presentation: Homezone
Hidden City Festival Symposium, Plymouth, England

Intervention: Regulars / Stammgäste
The FRED Festival, Cumbria, England / Chiemgau, Germany

07.2008 – 10.2008
Interventions and documentation: Homezone
Stuttgart, Germany

Intervention: Talking a story for a walk
Stuttgart, Germany

15.07.2008 – 24.07.2008
Documentation/Activity: Walking the wall, parallel walks with Kinga Araya
Berlin/Stuttgart, Germany

24.06.2008 – 29.06.2008
Intervention/Activity: Urban Camping
ARENA Festival, Erlangen, Germany

24.06.2008 – 29.06.2008
Intervention/Activity/Documentation: Homezone
ARENA Festival, Erlangen, Germany

Intervention: Dare #1 for the coalition of daring behaviour
Stuttgart, Germany

28.05.2008 – 28.06.2008
Documentation/Exhibition/Activity: Here be dragons
The Get Lost Festival (part of Territories Reimagined), Manchester, England

Scenography/Dramaturgy: zwischen häuten
A Backsteinhaus production
Treffpunkt Rotebühlplatz, Stuttgart, Germany

03.2008 – ongoing
Activity: The do you know club

Intervention/Activity: Line of Sight
Paradise Stories, Liverpool, England

09.07 – 06.08
Workshop/Installation/Mapping: Traumviertel
The Friedensschule, with the Deutsch Türkisches Forum Stuttgart, Germany

01.08 – 04.08
Workshop/Performance: Aus meinem Fenster
The Silcherschule, with the Deutsch Türkisches Forum Stuttgart, Germany

09.07 –  04.08
Workshop/Performance/Documentation: Reisefeber
The Riedenbergschule, with the Deutsch Türkisches Forum Stuttgart, Germany

Workshop/Performance: Das Auge isst mit?
Ernst Abbe Schule für Sehbehinderte, Stuttgart, Germany

Scenography: Mocha Dick
Freuynde + Gaesdte, Münster, Germany

Site-specific performance: Bread
The Speicherstadt, with the Theater im Pumpenhaus, , Münster, Germany

Event: Tag der Offenen Tür
Dyckburg Wald, with Draussen e.V. and Lorati Loratna, Münster, Germany

Site-specific performance: Das Letzte Glashaus
mit dem Theater im Pumpenhaus, Einen Stillgelegten Glashaus, Münster, Germany

Site-specific performance lecture: The Sunny Beach Projekt
The Schauspielhaus, Vienna, Austria / Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Workshop/Site-specific performance: Victoria Tower
Victoria Tower, with The Jersey Arts Centre, Jersey, Channel Islands


Aberaeron Seafood Festival, with Bachi Performance, Wales

A concert for National Fairtrade Fortnight, Jersey, Channel Islands

Site-specific performance: Deeptuned
A classical concert in the Williamson Tunnels, Liverpool, England

Site-specific performance: Recollection
Sefton Park Palmhouse, Liverpool, England

Performance (directed by Renny O’Shea): Feast
The LIPA cantine, Liverpool, England


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