Photo: Kaspar Wimberley (Interaction at The Black Swan)

‘Regulars’ is an intervention developed for the FRED 2008 Festival in Cumbria.

‘Regulars’ is an interactive installation that takes place between two pubs in the Lake District and two pubs located in the rural Bavarian region of Chiemgau. A screen, microphone and camera are installed at each location, a live web-cam that ‘twins’ two pubs together for the duration of the festival; virtual regulars and parallel realities, propping up the bar.

We will temporarily (and permanently) infuse and confuse the geography, narrative and communicative patterns of each site; placing new modes of internet-based social interaction, alongside and within a traditional ‘face-to-face’ social environment.

How much will these Anglo-Germanic counterparts become a part of the local pub community, taking part in events, pub quizzes or karaoke evenings, sharing in traveller’s tales, jokes and observations? What relationships, affinities and differences will be formed, and eventually perhaps even missed? How much will an absent/online presence be felt and what will be the lasting effects of such an intervention?

Regulars links together two childhood geographies for Kaspar Wimberley and Susanne Kudielka. Both areas share a reputation for good beer, and boast similar natural resources that are popular with walkers.

The four pubs Additional information regarding the four pubs
Regulars PDF Download a short project summary

Press cuttings A collection of press cuttings from both England and Germany
Project report A short summary of events that took place during the project

Regulars is a commision from the FRED Art Festival 2008, organised by the Fold Gallery in Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria

The project is created in partnership with Tandberg, a company specialising in video communications. Thanks also to Armistead European for transporting the beer used in the ale-exchange.


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