Photo: Kaspar Wimberley (Stone tent-pegs)

Artists: Susanne Kudielka and Kaspar Wimberley (10.2007)
Intervention / Temporary Architectures

Urban camping inhabits disused empty spaces that can be found squatting between adjacent urban structures. These openings, alleyways, corridors and niches are temporarily occupied by custom made or deconstructed tents, which slot neatly into the provided spaces, bridging, framing or upstaging the architecture.

Urban camping considers our relationship to, and the relationships between, the built and natural environment.

The tent, as a temporary form of accommodation/structure, is characterised by its speed of construction (and deconstruction). What is the permanence of the city? Is escapism a temporary excursion? What are we escaping from/to?

Urban Camping suggests an escape into the countryside or wilderness, while simultaneously (and perhaps symbiotically) moulding itself onto the physical characteristics of the city. It is an image that seems playfully out of place. It disrupts the balance of the city with contradictions and tilted juxtapositions. Can the city be viewed as a natural landscape?

Participants are given a map of ‘camping sites’ to be found in the city, a set of instructions and a camping kit, sleeping bag, toothbrush or camping stove to take on their journey. Other members of the public experience the installation as an unexpected intervention.

Urban Camping at the ARENA Festival in Erlangen – Evaluation
Urban Camping at the ARENA Festival in Erlangen – A diary and some postcards
Urban Camping at the ARENA Festival in Erlangen – The camping kits
More documentation will be posted in the near future


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