Treacle Theatre was formed in 2003 as a collaboration of German and British artists, who would like to explore experimental structures for performance, engage in new forms of artistic collaboration and develop new strategies for audience interaction.

We have specialised in creating work for unconventional spaces. Reinventing disused spaces, exposing forgotten places and interrupting public spaces.

Over the past four years this exploration into site-specific performance has led us to create work for a variety of locations, including The Williamson Tunnels and the Sefton Park Palmhouse in Liverpool, a Martello tower in Jersey, a deserted holiday resort in Bulgaria, a fishing port in Wales and a derelict glasshouse, ancient forest and wartime bakery in Germany. We have been fortunate enough to work with a variety of artists, collaborating with bakers, writers, gardeners, fishermen, children, refugees, dancers and musicians.

Alongside our work intervening with the public realm, we are also interested in performing the abandoned space and exploring the concept of absence, spaces whose function is no longer certain and where the traces of time are revealed. Performance captured in what has already taken place alongside performance as a place where something is about to (or might) happen, a theatre of absences that resonate with the work you are bringing to a given location.

We are currently interested in developing acts of interaction, performance or live-art that are experienced as an experiment (not just ‘experimental’). To undertake or examine, without knowing what the outcome or destination might be.



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